Imran met Carmen 3 years ago to give her a free evaluation of her home. At the time, she wanted to sell her home for a variety of reasons.

She was almost 75 years old and facing increasing difficulty in climbing the stairs to her second floor bedroom every day.


She had no family in the states and she wanted to sell the home so she could move to Spain near a close friend.


After a long and wonderful conversation, Imran assured her that whenever she was ready to make the decision, he would be there to help.

It was through the Queens County Surrogate Court probate records years later that Imran got the unfortunate news of Carmen’s passing.


He immediately reached out to Joyce, the executor of the estate. He learned from Joyce that Carmen had left her entire will – including the proceeds of the sale of her Sunnyside home – to charity.


Imran stayed in touch with Joyce for four months while the property was in probate. After she received the letter of testamentary, he previewed the property and they agreed to meet the very next day to finalize the listing.


Even though Imran knew Joyce would not be receiving any monetary benefits from the sale, his primary objective remained to obtain the highest possible price for the estate,and help out Carmen’s chosen charity in the process.


Imran did extensive research on the property. When they met, he presented Joyce with an updated market valuation report on the property (a lot had changed in the real estate market since meeting Carmen!).


He briefed her on what to do and what to avoid in order to sell the home for a top dollar price and she was instantly impressed. With her permission, he and his team were able to list the house the very next day.


Just a 10 minute drive from midtown Manhattan, Sunnyside is an extremely desirable neighborhood close by the 7 train line.


The demand of the houses sold in Sunnyside is even higher due to the fact that very few homes are sold in the neighborhood per year. 


Imran took all those factors into consideration when he listed the house for $769,000.


He used the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to list the property and within the first couple of days,received over a hundred inquiries from interested buyers and their agents.


The IK Realty Team adopted a multilateral approach to marketing the home. Imran is a premium member on most of the top real estate websites such as Zillow, Trulia, and other major home search platforms for buyers.


Due to this, he was able to promote the property exclusively to the most amount of buyers in the shortest amount of time.

The result exceeded Joyce’sexpectations. The house, which was initially listed at $769,000, went tocontract for a staggering $850,000.


Joyce accepted an offer from awonderful family looking to move out of their co-op and into a home for theiradorable children.


Through their hard work anddedication to securing top dollar for the home, Imranand his team were able to close smoothly and without any hiccups along the roadto closing.


And they had plenty ofincentive to give it their best. When all was said and done, they hadcontributed over $75,000 more than the asking price and $110,000 more than theappraised value of the property – to charity and a good cause!


Written by ImranKhan – Realtor, Realty Executives Today